Our History

Where We Started

Good Hope Baptist Church had its spiritual beginnings in a revival meeting that took place between 1812
and 1819. A good number of people were converted there and in 1819 decided to constitute themselves
as a community of faith. A meeting house was constructed where they met until 1860.

In 1860 just prior to the beginning of the civil war they decided to build a new place to worship. This
location was erected in 1860 and is the current meeting place today. During the civil war the structure
was used for worship as well as a place to bring healing for confederate soldiers who were injured
during battle.

Through the years Good Hope has constantly been a place where the sick and injured from the battles of
sin come to discover the healing balm of Jesus Christ. We have had over the years a good number of
preachers who have boldly preached the Word of God and stirred the hearts of many to follow in faith
and baptism.